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  • Need a lock change in London? Here is what you need to know!

    Changing locks could be a pretty straight forward task but could also come with some complexity.

    In some part of the world there aren’t many locksmiths around to help you with this task and you might have to do it yourself. The other choice you have is to find someone you know to do it for you.

    If you’re living in London or other big city you should normally have no problem with finding a local locksmith to carry out the lock change for you.

    The are some questions that are consistently rising when you’re looking to change the locks at your home or commercial premises. Let’s have a look at some of those.

    Who can change locks

    When it comes to changing locks at your home or office there are 2 ways to get it done:

    1. Do it yourself – Changing locks by yourself can be quiet simple if you know the exact type of lock you’re having on the door and if the door is simple to handle. It’s also the cheaper option of the 2 and can save you around £60 if you’re living in place like London.

    If you have any type of door other than wood or UPVC door you’d might want to consider the second option below – Calling a local locksmith.

    2. Get a locksmith – The benefits in having a locksmith doing the lock change for you are many. A locksmith can find the lock that best suit your door, offer different types of locks at various security grades and make sure the job is done right. This is the preferred option if you can allow some budget for the task and if locksmith services are available at your area.

    What lock you should put on your door?

    There are different types of locks you could install on doors. The first thing to determine would be the type of door you have. Wooden doors and UPVC patio doors as an instance could have different lock types and requirements.

    After understanding the type of door think about what level of security would you like to comply with. Some locks will be fitted for the purpose of complying with your home insurance requirements while others might target more basic features such as simply having your door locked when it get slammed shut behind a person that leaves the house.

    How much should it cost?

    Well that is also depends if you do the job by yourself or ask a locksmith to come out.

    If you do it yourself you will only pay for the lock (maybe some for the patrol as well for going to buy it in the shop;). If you call a locksmith, you’ll also need to pay for their time.

    In every part of the world a locksmith fee might be different. In London the charges for a simple locks replacement usually starts from around the £60 mark and could be more depends on the hour, the work requirement and the locksmith company you choose. There will also be differences if you need the job to be completed by a 24 hour locksmith at an emergency.

    For more about what you should expect a lock change that is completed by a London locksmith to cost have a look at this locksmith services price list.

    What is the cost of locks in the UK?

    - Simple locks such as rim locks (Yale style) or Euro locks should start from around £20-30 in the UK.

    - High Security locks such as mortice deadlocks and others would be slightly more expensive and start from around the £45 price mark.

    For other types of locking mechanisms contact a locksmith near you to find out.

    Should you change locks when moving to a new home or office

    Yes! Replacing locks when moving into a new house or office is crucial.

    You never know who might have the keys to your lock and unless you change it you’ll never be safe.

    In London properties tends to get refurbished quiet often and it’s common that builders will have a copy of the keys to a property that will pass between hands of their employees and you simply just can’t trust everyone.

    So always change locks when you’re moving into a new place.

    Where can you buy good locks for reasonable price in London?

    There are many places in London you can buy all types of locks at decent price.

    It’s hard to expect however that a lock you buy off a shop on the street would be as cheap as a lock you buy online.

    For a few reasons is always recommended to buy locks directly from a locksmith or a local shop. If you’re not familiar with locks tradespeople that do can help you identify exactly what type of lock you should buy and also if you buy it from an online shop they have your address which means indecent online shop owners and hackers can find your details and exploit it for rubbery purposes. Moreover, the cost of locks off the street is usually not that much different than online.

    Some chain stores where you can get pretty good locks for cheap arpund London are: Local locksmith shops, Timpsons, Screwfix, keyless locks in Argos and high security locks at Banham.


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