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  • Improving the security of existing doors at your home

    Resident in a big city like London will always be concerned about burglaries. That is even if you happen to live in one of the safest areas in London. You work hard for your possessions and are most likely care about the safety of your family. These are some of the reasons to why so many people all across London and the UK are burglar-proofing their homes against unwanted intruders. Information provided by the police and companies that provides 24 hour locksmith services in London reveals that while gaining entry to a home, burglars are statistically more likely to do so via a door than a window. Researches also find that back doors use easier target for intruders as they usually provide more cover. To help protect your home, you don’t need to splash out on new solid metal doors. You’d just need some advice on how to increase the security of your existing doors. Here are a few tips on how to do just that, and if not enough a locksmith can advise you further.

    Change the direction of opening of the door – One of the simplest yet effective methods of helping to improve the security of your existing doors is to change the hinges so that you alter the way that the door opens. So rather than having the door open inwards like most doors do, the door will now swing outwards so it can’t be kicked in. This helps the doors to absorb all types of forced entry. Bear in mind that changing the way a door opens you may also need to make adjustments to the frame.

    Go for windowless doors – People think that the reason why windowless doors are so effective at deterring burglars is because the thief can’t see into the home and see valuables on offer but there are more than just this to worry about when having a door with glass windows. Most burglaries happen at night, so a door with windows will be seen better at night and help the burglar collect information on your home. A windowless door on the other hand are more secured mainly because there is no glass for the thief to smash so that they can unlock the door from the inside.

    Use Deadlocks – As well as the standard lock on the handle of your door, you should also install a deadbolt locks on your door. Deadlocks made from quality materials which are typically solid metal, along with no screws on the exterior that are exposed (otherwise they could simply be unscrewed), along with a throw bolt around one inch long, some times even longer.

    Fit a secure strike plate – Surrounding the lock-set, which is where the lock bolt enters, is the metal strike plate. Make sure you install a secure strike plate that is made from heavy-duty materials. Use screws that fit into the underlying stud of the door itself.

    Improve your home security – Contact a 24 hour London Locksmith.

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