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  • How to open doors locks and safes?

    Probably the most essential part of being a 24 hour locksmith is helping people with opening locked objects. By objects I of course refer to doors, locks, safes and everything else that could leave you wondering “why is it always happening to me?!”

    Well if it helps, this happens to almost everybody so that’s only a part in life and soon enough you’ll be over with whatever lockout you’re dealing with.

    In this post I’d like to share some more awkward ways to open stuff. Most of the methods you’d probably won’t be able to perform yourself in a matter of seconds, minutes, or even days, but hopefully it will give you some insights, be interesting to see and might even give you some idea on how to be creative about your lockout.

    If you’re looking for the magic tricks on how to open I’ll review these in our next post. For now, I would suggest that if you live around London and are looking for an emergency locksmith to help you with your lockout, check out the following page for a rapid 24 hour lock/door lockout service.

    How to open a locked safe?

    While some safes are nearly impossible to open without the right knowledge and tools, being smart about it could sometimes save the day. If it has an electronic keypad that went out of batteries you might be able to use a charger (e.g. like mobile phone’s one) to gain the power back, if it’s a small safe some have managed to open it with a crowbar. I even knew a guy that used his car jack. However if you’re not sure about don’t try anything that seems risky as a locksmith might cost a few quid but would surely save you a lot of health.

    Opening a locked door

    Well not all doors that are locked are actually locked. Sometimes they are just slam shut and good old tricks like using a plastic card or even your credit card might work (though it might destroy your payment card). I would suggest in this case again to be smart about it, try to find how you can compromise the door without damaging it. If it’s shaking while having some gap try to insert some small object between the door and the frame to move the latch open. If you have a key that won’t turn try to play with it a bit and put some moderate pressure to find the right position for it to turn. If you have a window you might find it easier to compromise the window, then your door (please don’t try this if you’re living above the ground floor). Be creative about it and think outside of the box.

    How to unlock a lock?

    Well again for locks as with safes, if you don’t have the right equipment and know how you’d be very lucky to force open. If it’s a pad lock with 3 digit combination then putting a bit of pressure on the lock and playing with the numbers might work. You can also try to make some picking tools out of a fretsaw (I actually managed to open a couple of locks this way when I was younger), trying to do the same with a hairpin might work as well but only if your first name is Macgyver or your forename is Norris :) You’d also need to practice this and when it comes to locks again, you’d better be very experienced or lucky to to it by yourself and best course as in most cases is to reach out the nearest local locksmith.

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