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  • How to Secure your Commercial Premises

    It's so important to be able to properly secure your commercial premises and keep your valuable assets safe and secure. But security isn't just about locks and keys; there are many ways in which you can make your premises secure and some of them don't cost a penny!

    Here are 10 ways to improve the security of your commercial premises:

    1. Assess the Risk

    This should be any business owner's first port of call. Try to identify any weaknesses, talk to your staff and be aware of your environment and local area; being diligent will ultimately help you to keep your business safer. Call a local locksmith that specialise in commercial premises’ security to get an advise on what improvements you can make at your place to make it safer. You don’t have to invite the locksmith over but can make a phonemail to start of and ask the locksmith to attend only if necessary.

    2. Entry Points

    Know your entry points. These aren't just doors; they include windows, cellar doors, ventilation shafts and a whole host of things just waiting to be discovered! Knowing all of the places that an unwanted visitor can enter your property is the first step in preventing them from gaining access. Some of these entry points you can block yourself by buying material like wooden boards, a hammer and nails at a local hardware store.

    3. Use your Perimeter

    You can use your perimeter to deter intruders. A building with fences, security lighting and/or a secure car park gives off the right message to intruders: don't mess with us! Show them that you're serious before they even think of entering.

    4. Know Who's Who

    And this means staff and visitors alike. When you're recruiting staff carry out background checks and take multiple, recent references. A signing in book is another way of keeping track of visitors and staff without having to watch them every minute of every day. You can also get a locksmith to install code operated lock to allow access only to those you’d like to.

    5. CCTV is your Friend

    Quite simply, CCTV and alarms are an absolute must for any serious business if your want to protect your assets. They are a deterrent when publicised and can help identify and ultimately catch anyone silly enough to attempt to break in. When it comes to alarms, change the code regularly and certainly when a member of staff leaves. In London you could buy cheap alarms at DIY stores or get a local locksmith to install them for you.

    6. Cyber Security

    You need to ensure that your premises are protected against cyber attacks. You can do his by investing in high quality anti-virus and firewall technology, but also by ensuring that your employees choose strong passwords and change them regularly. Backups are a must too.

    7. “Double Locking”

    If you have valuable equipment or equipment that stores important information (laptops are a great example) it pays to lock them away within your property; we call this “double locking”. Often the items with the highest value or the riskiest information are the easiest to pick up and steal, so don't take any chances with these items. Also make sure that important items have serial numbers and that you keep a record of these.

    8. Don't be Shy...

    Most security equipment manufacturers are more than happy for you to advertise their wares so will give you posters and stickers to display; make sure you do this! Yes it's free advertising for them, but it's also a great deterrent to anyone wanting to gain access to your property illegally.

    9. Checks and PPM

    Regularly check your doors, windows and any other vulnerabilities you've identified and make sure that they are repaired and secured as soon as possible. Most alarm/CCTV contractors or locksmiths will carry out planned preventative maintenance (PPM) on a rolling basis for you; this is most definitely worth investing in.

    10. Preparation is Key

    Keep a full inventory including pictures, serial numbers and receipts for your assets; if you are the victim of theft or criminal damage a register like this will come in extremely handing when dealing with the police and insurance providers. It will also allow you to take immediate damage limitation like cancelling phone contracts for example.

    I'm sure you'll agree there's far more to security than locks and keys; hopefully you're on the way to securing your assets today!

    If you still struggling with feeling confident about your office security give our commercial London locksmith a call on 020 8123 8060.

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