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  • How to Immediately repair a door or a door frame by yourself

    Sometimes you just need to take immediate action of repair when you door or frames are damaged. Door and door frames are usually damaged due to a burglary or a break-in. In this article we'll try to equip you with some useful advice on how to secure your home should you fall victim to such a scenario.

    "Touch Wood".

    The first thing to do is assess the situation; check the access area and look to see how severe the damage is. You need to understand this as different types of repair require different material, skills and time to resolve. Is it just the door that’s broken? The frame too? What about the lock? You need to find out all of this out before proceeding. The time of day or night is important too; you’ll have more access to resources (and light) through the day. So a good tip is to have some supplies ready in a shed or garage just in case something like this happens.

    Fixing a split door

    First undo the handles and retaining plates and then remove the lock itself (keep these safe, in one place). Next clean any debris away from the split; wedge it open and use a vacuum cleaner if necessary to remove stubborn bits of debris.

    When clean, apply good quality wood glue and clamp the split together. Leave it for a minimum of 24 hours (or longer if the wood glue instructions say so).

    When set, redecorate and fit the door furniture.

    Fixing a broken door frame

    To do this you first have to remove any furniture such as the catch. If the hinges part is broken you might need to temporary remove the door (and hinges that are attached to the frame). After that it’s time to get the vacuum out again and clean the damaged area. Then apply wood glue, clamp in place and wait for the glue to set. Sand the wood down and repaint if required.

    For jobs that are just too big or complex for you to do on your own, you might need an emergency locksmith. An emergency locksmith can attend your property 24 hours per day meaning that you can have your door frame secure even at night time.

    If the damage does not need to be urgently repaired you may not need the services of a 24 hour emergency locksmith; you could just call a locksmith, a joiner or a carpenter and get better idea of what it would take and cost to repair the damage.

    Repairing it yourself can be a cheaper option, especially if you already have wood glue, clamps and other boarding material. If it’s during regular business hours you could buy the parts off a local diy or a locksmith store. People that stay in London might even be luckier to find traders that work until late or will come at an emergency to open the store especially for them. Find here some local DIY and hardware stores in London that open at flexible hours.

    If you instead prefer to let a locksmith do the job for you, in London you should expect to pay anything between £60-150 for the repair of a door frame and upto £300 if you need your frame replaced. Doors that are severely damaged and are beyond a repair condition might need to be replaced which could cost even more.

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    Calling out a 24 hour emergency locksmith and particularly at late hours of the night middle will attract a call out fee with parts on top; it could be the most expensive option, but it’s also the only one in some situations. It always however worth getting the job done asap even if costs are slightly higher as a recurring burglary due to an unsecured access to your premises could cost both your valuables and your peace of mind.


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