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  • How to Deal with a Late Night Burglary in London

    It’s every homeowner’s nightmare; a late night burglary. That feeling of intrusiveness and helplessness; the anger and upset that come with the callous nature of burglary.

    But you have to keep a cool head and remain calm.

    Remember not to touch anything, especially the doors, windows and anything else appears damaged or disturbed. Firstly you don’t want to injure yourself which is easily done if there is broken glass around in particular. Secondly you don’t want to do any further damage to your property, and thirdly (and perhaps most importantly) you’d want to avoid contaminate or destroy any evidence.

    First Step - Call The Police

    Your first course of action should always be to call the police. They will want to take a statement from you so be ready to describe exactly what you remember and encountered. You’ll see now why it was important not to disturb the crime scene; often the police will sweep for fingerprints, shoe prints and other pieces of evidence. To report a crime to the police in London, UK you can call 999 if crime is happening right now or 101 if the crime has already happen. People with hearing difficulties can also report by text message to 18000.

    Calling a locksmith for a 24 hour Burglary Repair

    When the police have gone and they have all of the evidence from the crime scene that they need, you should call an emergency 24 hour locksmith immediately. You have to secure your property and a local London Locksmith near you is your best option. It’s always best to go local (search for locksmith near me”) as they know the area and can be with you quickly. If you call a locksmith near you, they can not only get to you quickly, 24 hours per day, but they can also return at a later date or time if further repairs or installations are needed. An emergency locksmith will often make a “running repair” to your property; something which secures it to enable you to return or remain in your home. If the damage is extensive or to a complicated piece of hardware often they will return at a later date or during daylight hours if the burglary happened at night.

    Changing Locks

    Any emergency locksmith worth their salt will recommend a change of locks following a burglary; often thieves will steal keys or take impressions and if the entrance to your property was non-destructive that could mean that your lock was able to be picked. Locks can be damaged too and if this has happened your 24 locksmith should replace the lock.

    Extra Security

    Ask your locksmith to also assess your current security measures; if you’ve been broken into once it could happen again so an upgrade to your defences may be in order. Security grilles, CCTV and alarms are just some of the options that will be available to you. Find more in this link about how to improve the security of your premises.


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