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  • 7 Tips to Secure Your Home Before Going on Vacation

    Going on vacation should be a relaxing time; Even if your area is considered safe and not a big city like London you should still give some thought to your home security if going away for some time.

    Here are 6 tips for a care free holiday so you shouldn't worry too much about the things you’ve left behind!

    1. Take care of your mail

    Nothing is a dead giveaway of a vacant property like letters, flyers and newspapers building up at the front door; this type of mail mountain gives a solid green light to any would be burglars.

    If you have the option to pause some deliveries (like newspapers or magazine subscriptions) then this is a good idea. You could also consider giving your neighbour a key and ask them to clear away post and junk mail on a daily basis. If nothing else you’ll come home to a tidy hallway!

    2. Lock your door and windows properly

    Seems like an obvious one doesn’t it, but in the rush of getting sorted for going away there are million and one other things that you have to think about so it’s easy to forget the basics of security.

    The other thing to consider is the condition and durability of your locks; even if you remember to lock them, how fit for purpose are they really? Rusty, battered and decaying locks are exactly what a burglar like to see on a property.

    Make sure to lock everything up and use appropriate locks. If you need more info about the best door and window locks the team at London 24 Hour Locksmiths would be happy to help.

    3. Keep your holiday quiet

    Resist the temptation to announce your vacation on social media. Try to keep knowledge of your break to close friends and family only. Burglars are more and more sophisticated in their targeting of victims these days. They have been known to use social media to scout for nearby, unsuspecting victims. If you must use social media, wait until you’re back and post your holiday snaps!

    4. Make it look like someone lives in

    Remember Home Alone?

    If you’ve seen “Home Alone” (if you haven’t I feel genuinely sorry for you!) where Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin) makes his house appear as if people are there to put the “Wet Bandits” (the movie’s antagonists) off trying to burgle the house. You don’t have to go to the lengths Kevin did with moving mannequins, but using timers on radios, lights and lamps at various times throughout the day and evening will give the impression that there are people staying in your house. This is a really easy way to put burglars off.

    So set up timer switches for different devices at your house for an upgraded stress free holiday.

    5. Keep your valuables safe

    And safe means at the very least hidden and out of sight. To be sure though you should really have a safe or to be doubly sure you should use a safe deposit box service. There are local safe deposit box services in almost any big city in the country and they really are a great option if you need to store any valuables securely.

    6. Keep your keys safe

    You left a key where?!

    Everybody leaves a spare key under the plant pot don’t they? Nope! And nor should they. This is the type of twaddle that only happens in the movies and cheesy sitcoms and for very good reason; it’s absolutely cray to do so! You might as well have a big sign outside your house saying “burglars: easy access right here!”

    Leaving a key anywhere outside is asking for trouble! So simply avoid doing it.

    You can leave a key to your home with someone you trust. With a key deposit service. Or in a safe deposit box as mentioned above.

    7. Install an alarm system and security lighting outside

    These types of installation are a good deterrent against burglars. They can make the burglary more difficult by raising an alarm and not allowing the burglar to hide. But the real value of these devices is as a deterrent. Most burglars will just completely avoid a property with an alarm and security lighting; why would they bother? Having an external light and alarms Installed show a burglar that the property owners are serious about security; burglars want an easy life so they’ll likely just look for a different property to rob.

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