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  • 6 Things You Should Consider When Choosing an Emergency Locksmith

    Sometimes, it is the smaller things in life that we tend to take for granted. The same can be said for the locks on our doors and our windows. These small mechanisms that get used every single day protect our possessions, home and family from the outside world and leave us feeling safe and secure.

    But what happens when a lock breaks? What can you do if your keys snap? Who do you call to replace an old lock?

    Locksmiths up and down the country plays an important role in our home security and in keeping us safe. But choosing the right locksmith can be a time-consuming task. Especially in built up areas such as London, there is a wide choice of locksmiths. In fact, there are so many emergency locksmiths that finding the right one for our needs can at times seem a bit daunting.

    So, when looking for a locksmith, here are 6 things you should be looking out for:

    1. The Type of Services You Need

    The services that a locksmith can provide are vast and varied. Locksmiths are skilled and experienced in making (and at times defeating) locks. They can provide keys for your doors and windows. It is important to find a locksmith for your exact needs. Here are some examples of the services a good locksmith in London should be able to provide you with:

    - Repairs – Over time, wear and tear can play a massive part on your lock and they can often become damaged. A locksmith can either repair old locks or perhaps renovate them to modern standards. Locksmiths can also fix and repair locks that have been damaged in other methods too, such as deliberate damage during a burglary perhaps. Locksmiths can fix the lock. Some locksmiths can also often provide new doors and frames.

    - Emergency Services – ever been locked out of your house? It is never ideal! Professional locksmiths will be able to open the lock with no damage to the rest of the door and help you gain access to your property. They might even open the lock without having to damage it. They can then also fit a new lock for you. Of course, no-one ever plans to lock themselves out of their home therefore it is a good service to keep in the back of your mind for when you need them. See the rest of the tips below on what to look out for when choosing an emergency locksmith.

    - Key Cutting – lost keys or damaged keys can always be a massive pain. Locksmiths can replace lost keys or even make duplicate sets of your current keys should you ever need them.

    - New Locks – as mentioned earlier, over time locks can fall into a state of ill-repair. Sometimes, a new lock can offer a higher level of safety and security. Any locksmith should be able to fit a new lock for you. Professional locksmiths should also have in stock the highest of standards of locks keep you safe and secured in your new home.

    2. Does it Feels Right?

    It doesn’t matter what business you are in; customer service is always vital. Imagine being stood outside of your home, locked out, trying to take shelter from the rain; you want to be able to speak to a friendly and helpful locksmith whom can put your mind to rest. Customer service can go a long way. If you are on the phone to a locksmith whom “doesn’t feels right”, be sure to move on and try another number.

    3. Is it a Local Locksmith Service?

    Of course, you want your lock to be fixed as soon as possible. If you are locked out of your home, you want a locksmith that is close to you to reach you quickly. Choosing an emergency locksmith near you can do wonders in the quality of service. However, that being said, if your local locksmith is not quite up to scratch, it is sometimes worth looking a little further afield to get the service you need.

    4. Experience

    Locks can come in all shape and sizes. London especially comes equipped with locks of every shape, size and make. Choosing an experienced locksmith can trust that not only your lock will be fixed to a high standard, but also that the locksmith will be able to identify the problem quickly and swiftly. The last thing you need when trying to secure property is a locksmith that don’t have the right skills or products to properly secure your home.

    5. Reliability

    A good locksmith should be as reliable as a good solid lock! It doesn’t matter if you are stuck and are looking for an emergency locksmith, or if you are carrying out some planned maintenance, the lock smith you choose should be someone you can rely on.

    Of course, if no-one close to you is able to recommend anyone to you, then a quick internet search can help you find the right locksmith for your needs! And with the internet now filled with honest and truthful reviews it should be easy to find a good, reliable and trustworthy locksmith.

    In our experience, if you want to find a good reliable locksmith in London, always look out for 24 hour locksmiths that are member of a locksmith organisation and has good reviews online.

    6. The Locksmith Prices

    As with anything in life, cost plays a major part in anyone’s hunt for a good emergency locksmith. It is very easy and tempting to go for the cheapest locksmith you can find. However, do take into account that you do very often get what you pay for. A good locksmith would usually cost at least the average market price. In London, the prices for labor of a reasonable 24 hour locksmith would normally start at around the £60 price mark. Here is some more info about what 24 hour locksmiths in London are expected to charge.

    You have to remember, a lock protects your possessions, your home and your family. Take these into account when considering the cost of your locksmith and pay someone that can protect you well.


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