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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Wood Door Security

    London is a home to many properties that has wood front doors. Wood can be fairly easy compromised which makes tenants vulnerable. In this article we’ll have a look at some ideas for security items that would help you reinforce your wood doors and protect your home.

    It’s important to try and secure homes against burglaries. If you do that in advance you are less likely to incur the costs involved in hiring an emergency locksmith.

    Most of the features below you can buy and Install yourself. You can also get a 24 hour London locksmith service to supply and fit these security products for you.

    Security Gates

    Security gates are by far the most effective way to protect your door and home from burglaries. Things to note with security gates are:

    1. Due to regulations in different areas and boroughs of London these aren’t always option.

    2. Of all the door security fittings, gates are the most expensive option.

    Modern Security Products

    There quite a few new security devices that could help with securing your doors. 2 examples for such devices are the Haven and Barracuda. Although each has it’s own pros and cons and that similar devices may not always be available in the UK you can get these items from the internet and have a local locksmith fit them for you. You may also look for similar items that are sold by your local security experts.

    Contact London 24 hour locksmith for an advice on modern door security devices that are available to you in London.

    London Bars

    When wooden doors are kicked in the frame could split and allow the burglar an easy access to your property. When this happens it won’t matter how good are your locks or door. London bar is a metal bar that installed along the frame side and help in preventing the frame of splitting. Police and crime prevention specialists would recommend the use of a London Bar in this instance to reinforce the area around the lock; this added level of security is extremely effective.

    Birmingham Bar

    A Birmingham bar is very similar to a London Bar and is also for the purpose of reinforcing the frame. The only difference is that Birmingham bar is fitted to the hinge side and the London bar is fitted to the lock side.

    Kick Plate

    Kick plates work by eliminating the weak points associated with bog standard strike plates; they reinforce the door jam and can still be installed if you have multiple locksets. They will fit both right and left hand doors and most will withstand up to 1000 pounds of force.

    Design-wise they are often tapered and are painted in a variety of colours to seamlessly fit with the look of your property.

    It’s important to have a professional kick plate that is installed with 4 screws and nuts that goes all the way through the door. Cheap kick plate would not improve your door security but only seem as if they do.

    Door Chains

    Doors chains are very cost effective and are extremely quick and easy to install. They allow you to check who is at the door before opening it; If anyone tries to force open a door that is secured with a door chain it would also make a loud noise which can alert neighbours or passers-by. These however are only effective when you’re inside your home.


    Peepholes are another effective security feature when you are in doors. The great advantage of these is that you never have to open the door to see who is outside. They provide panoramic views so it’s difficult for people to hide and there are even “virtual peep hole” systems these days; a series of camera which feedback to a display screen.

    The 24 hour locksmiths of our team can supply, install and give guidance on all types of home door and home security products. Call 020 8123 8060 to talk with a professional London locksmith 24/7.


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