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  • 5 Reasons to Work as a Locksmith in London

    If you’re looking for a job that fits around your life you should consider working as a locksmith in the City of London. For many locksmiths, London provides the opportunity of working in a lively city and make a fair living. Locksmiths enjoys the flexibility of a self-employed role with the security of a full time job.

    1. There's always enough work

    If you live in London, it places you within 90 minute drive of more than 9 million people. With a populace like that almost on your doorstep, you shouldn’t be short of work. As long as you advertise yourself effectively or work for a London locksmith company that does, you most probably be getting a lot of customer enquiries.

    2. It Usually Pays Off

    As far as wages go, London weighting means that jobs in the UK’s capital pay significantly more than in other places around the world. The pay is much higher even than other parts of the United Kingdom, so with a full diary of work, you’re going to be making a tidy wage for your trouble. Working as a London locksmith, self-employed or for a company you could be making £2000-4000 a month. That will also depend of course on how much you’d like to go out on call outs.

    3. Never Get Boring

    Far from it. Aside from learning a new skill and that warm feeling you get from a job well done, you’ll get to meet all types of people. The more people you meet, the more interesting your life will be and the more future job opportunities you’re likely to encounter. And who knows, who you’re going to meet? It might just be a person the will bring the next big change to your life.

    As a London locksmith you might even meet some famous people and will for sure collect some other great stories.

    4. English Speaking Country

    As London it’s the capital of England, it is the perfect work vicinity for those with English skills. It’s one of the few places in the world that your clients are going to converse with you in English.

    Basic English is all you need in terms of language to start work as a locksmith. If your English is not perfect don’t worry. Locksmith is a profession where you get to speak with people and your skills will improve. If you’ll eventually open a locksmith business you’ll get to work in an environment where you contact customers by email and phone very often so your English will get much better, much faster.

    5. Rich Hunting Ground

    If you are considering becoming a opening up your own locksmith company in London, then you’ll be pleased to know that it is a great place to do it. The conditions, amount of potential clients and ease of connecting with your public make it a very welcoming location to open up business.

    The infrastructure in London is great too, especially for mobile locksmiths, meaning that if you need to source a lock or get keys cut in a hurry, you can do so with very little notice and without adding too much time to your job. Got stuck at a customer’s house without the right lock to fit in? not a problem! Just go to the local locksmith shop down the street and there you have it.

    The current financial climate is a much more positive one that it was even just 5 years ago. With stock, tools and vehicles in abundance, there really is nothing stopping you from turning into a successful locksmith.

    Should You Become a Locksmith and is London The Right Place?

    Take the plunge!

    The lifestyle of being a locksmith provides you the flexibility to work as much or as little as you please. You are however going to have to work pretty hard in the beginning to become a professional locksmith.

    In London you’re never going to be short of work and you certainly won’t be short of things to do in your time off either.

    Amenities, 24 hour supermarkets, countless world class restaurants, clubs and theatres are all easily reached. Anywhere in London is accessible by car and by the City’s extensive public transport network.

    London locksmiths really get to enjoy living and working in one of the most vibrant and diverse capital cities in the world.

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