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  • 5 Most Popular Methods Locksmith Use to Unlock Doors

    Locksmiths use different type of techniques for opening doors and locks.

    Some of the ways locksmith may use to unlock your door would be non-destructive while others may cause damage to the locking system. in general, a locksmith should never need to damage the door in order to get access to the property. There are however some exceptions. With certain types of locks for example the locksmiths might cause a small, repairable damage the door so they don’t have to ruin and replace the lock.

    Below are examples to how locksmiths may open your door when you’re locked outside of your home or office.

    1. Lock picking

    Tools: Picking tools.

    How do locksmiths pick locks?

    Lock picking is a non-destructive method for opening locks. It is based on the idea of using special tools to align the pins, leavers or wafers of a lock. Using picking tools, the locksmith will adjust the parts inside the lock to align them into a position that allows the lock to open.

    In this technique the locksmith will use picking tools; which are narrow, sharp tools that are designed to adjust the internal parts of different types of locks .The type of picking tools locksmiths use will depend on the type of lock at hand. Different type of picking tools are used for different types of locks. Some locks have anti-picking mechanisms that interfere with the smooth movement of pins and therefore prevent anyone from trying to unlock the lock without a key. These are normally considered high security locks and usually the more pins and lock has the more difficult it is to unlock it. 

    2. Slide open the night latch

    Tools: PVC laminated cards.

    How do locksmiths use laminated cards to open doors?

    Maybe the most basic technique every locksmith will use when they first arrive at your door is to slide the door open with a unique laminated card that is designed for this purpose.

    The locksmith will slide the laminated card in the gap between the door and frame where the lock is positioned. By sliding the laminated card between this gap the latch of the lock will slide off its place back into the lock and the door will open. It’s important to note that this will only work if your door is slam shut and not actually locked. 

    If you already made your online research about how locksmith unlock doors, you’ve probably came across this very popular method which is suggested by many locksmith websites. These sites often suggest that you can try to opening your door with a credit card. This might work but credit card might also not be flexible enough to slide between the door and frame in order to slide the latch and unlock your door. 

    3. Drilling the lock

    Tools: A Drill, screwdriver.

    How do locksmiths opening doors by drilling the lock?

    Where unlocking the door nondestructively is not an option or when there is a high security lock installed the locksmith will most certainly need to damage the lock in order to gain access to the property. The professional way to open many locks is by is by drilling a part in the lock that prevents it from turning.

    Since drilling is very accurate method it can be used to open a lock while causing damage to the lock only, without damaging the door.

    Experienced locksmiths can usually drill just one whole to remove the pins or a small element inside the lock that prevents from opening. This can be done whether the lock has levers wafers or pins. Genuine expert locksmiths should know exactly where to drill the lock so that the process would take no more than a few minutes. this is true for both basic in high security locks. If the locksmith takes long to open the lock it may be that they haven’t got enough experience or either the could be faulty.

    4. Using a Letterbox tool

    Tools: Letterbox tool, borescope.

    What is a mailbox tool and how locksmiths use it to open doors?

    Letterbox tool is a curved bar which is designed to slide through a door letterbox to reach the interior side of a door and reach the lock to open it. The Letterbox tool assembled from a few parts where the tip of the tool could be replaced to better match to different locking mechanisms types.

    As part of this tool or separately a mirror/camera will be used by the locksmith. Professional locksmiths will use borescope to view the interior part of the door. This is so that they can watch the lock and reach it with the letterbox tool to compromise it from the inside.

    5. Drilling a hole in the door

    Tools: A Drill, Drill bits, screwdriver / special locksmith tools.

    How do locksmiths unlocking doors by drilling a hole in the door?

    This method is only used on a small number of locks. It should only be carried out by professional locksmith that knows exactly for which type of locks it works and how to preformed the work. It should be done accurately so that the damage to the door is minimal.

    It is usually recommended only with high security locks that would cost a lot to replace. As an instance, for opening a high security lock such as ingersoll or Banham lock. If your door is very expansive it might still be worth to drill open and change the lock so that the door stays undamaged.

    The way locksmiths opening doors by drilling a hole in the door is by drilling a small hole near the lock and use some tool to reach the internal part of the lock. The tools can be either a simple screwdriver or special tools that are designed for this purpose.The tools use to hit some part of the lock from the inside that unlock it. In most cases it’s a matter of pulling the lock handle.

    Important note: Non of the information above is a suggestion or reccomandation on actions you should take to open a locked door. It is always reccomended to get help from professional locksmiths before trying to open doors or locks by yourself.

    London 24 Hour Locksmiths is a provider of professional locksmith services for unlocking doors and locks in London. The company's locksmiths has an extensive understanding of the best and latest door opening methods. For more info feel free to keep browsing our site or contact us at 020 8123 8060.

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