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  • 4 Most Common Enquiries About Bedroom Doors

    We got clients asking us quiet a lot lately about how to deal with different types of situations related to bedroom doors and to emergency issues relating to bedroom locking issues. In this article we’ll try to shed some light on all aspects of bedroom doors, locks and what to do when you are at an emergency concerning these.

    Is there a difference between my front door and bedroom door?

    Your front door and your bedroom door serve different purposes. Your front door is primarily designed for security. It is thick with a solid core, durable and can withstand the elements. There is often a foam core for greater insulation as well as a fire-protective layer.

    Internal doors like bedroom doors are thinner. They are made with a single material and are usually hollow inside, making them lighter. The main function of a bedroom door is privacy.

    What type of lock should I install on my bedroom door?

    In general, bedroom door locks are cheaper but not as secure as the more robust exterior door locks. The best choices for bedroom door locks are tubular knob locks or mortise locks. Door handles are optional and will increase the cost.

    Our team of professional locksmiths at London 24 Hour locksmiths will be happy to help you find the right lock for your budget and answer any further questions you may have.

    Should I invest in a digital (keyless) lock for my bedroom door?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to using digital lock systems on your bedroom door.


    - A keyless lock means you no longer have to carry a house key around (or worry about being locked out if you lose it).

    - Digital locks use a passcode that can be shared with guests and visiting relatives.

    - Many digital lock systems can be activated via internet or Wi-Fi.


    - Digital locks can be expensive.

    - Most digital locks rely on batteries. Not all systems have low-battery warnings.

    - Potential electronic errors make digital locks less fail safe than mechanical locks.

    - May be more complicated to use than a mechanical lock.

    There are also hybrid systems that offer both a mechanical lock and a digital passcode.

    Find here some examples of mechanical and digital lock systems including prices and more.

    What is the cost of a bedroom door and how much would a 24 London locksmith charge to fit one?

    Generally bedroom doors are cheaper then front doors but it of course depends also on the quality and type of the door that you choose. In local stores across London (UK) the cost of a bedroom door would range between £55-120 for a standard door, while Front doors starts from about £75 and could climb up to a few hundreds. The cost for fitting a bedroom door would also depend on the time and urgency of installation. If you require a 24 hour locksmith to fit the door for you on a holiday or a weekend be prepared to pay a few hundred quid. If it’s at a reasonable time during regular business hours you could probably get for around £150-200 or less.

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