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Ask London 24 Hour Locksmiths anything you'd like to know about your locks, doors, and home security. Here we'll provide answers to any locksmith's related queries and help you have better understanding of locksmith services, pricing, methods etc.

Use the forum feature below to ask us anything and get 24 hour response to all of the questions you would like out locksmiths to address for you.


Does a front door lock provide adequate home security?

Post your questions and discussion topics here.

What are the 3 most important skills of a 24 hour locksmith?

There are many factors you should be looking for when considering which locksmith to hire but what are the 3 most important skills your locksmith should have?

How to become a locksmith in the UK?

Since in the UK a permit or licence to become a locksmith is not a must literally anyone can become a locksmith. However, starting is not always that easy and so here is an advice on the best way to start your journey as a professional locksmith.

How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?

The question in this case refers to a London locksmith and is combined of 2 factors: How long does it takes the locksmith to come out? And How it would take them to open the door?

What is a lock replacement cost in London?

What does it cost to have a lock change in London?

Can a locksmith make a key out of a lock?

A question we are asked quiet often is whether a key can be made from a lock?

Is there way to remove the key that is stuck in the door lock?

How to remove a broken key from a lock?

Is the such thing as a locksmith proof door lock?

Being a 24 hour London locksmith have you ever faced a lock you can not open?

Where do locksmiths buy their tools in Lonodn?

Where do locksmiths get their tools and gadgets? To open locked doors?

How do you open a high security door lock?

How to open any lock when you are locked outside your house? Do you need to open a high security lock without having to call out for a locksmith?

How to open a lock without damaging it?

How to open a lock for your house or office without damagin it?

How can I protect a sliding glass door?

How do you secure a simple sliding patio door?

Will a lock still work after the locksmith unlock it?

I need a lock opened but want to still use it after the locksmith unlock it. Is that possible?

Do I need to pay locksmith a call out fee?

If I call a locksmith do I need to pay them a call out fee? What happens if the locksmith can't do the job do I still need to pay anything?

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